Who I Am and a thought about paintings

I am an artist/painter from a small town in Eastern Oregon. Paintings are my favorite out of all the arts because I like the way they silently hang on a wall without demanding too much attention from the unwilling participant. Instead, paintings wait for someone to put their own energy into them before they 'turn on'.

Paintings are completely ignorable, like a book, but instantly understandable to a human without the complex barrier of language. Great truths have been revealed by paintings that would be impossible to convey in any other form.

A painting has the power to give back to a person exactly as much knowledge or experience or wisdom as that viewer is able to put into it. It's an individual experience that can be different from the last time you saw it depending on your own state of being. No two people can, or should, get the same experience from a work of art. In that sense, they are living things to me.

Now the prints I am selling on this website are not original works of art, but pictures of original works of art. I feel I must be upfront about the difference here. The value in owning a reproduction - what the print represents, how it makes one feel, adding beauty or a truth to a room where it hangs, or any other reason a person might have - all valid. It's simply that if the print you've purchased becomes lost, it can be replaced by an exact copy.

With all that said, my wife and I have gone to great lengths to ensure that the prints we sell are of the highest quality we can provide and as close to the orignals as possible. She and I both feel the matte finish paper we've selected from our printing partner creates the best looking product compared to our other options.

It's our sincere hope that these prints will bring you years of moments of happiness that you will in turn share with other people in days when things like that are needed. Thank you for supporting us in this endeavor.
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